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One of the key elements that separates NJ Finest Drivers from all other driving schools is our vehicles. We do not take the decision of what car to use lightly. We have done our research and test driven many vehicles. We do not take price into account when making our selection because we feel that Safety is a far greater concern. If we don't feel safe in the vehicle then we wouldn't consider putting your child in it. After careful consideration NJ Finest Drivers Driving Academy has chosen to use the Toyota Prius for all our behind the wheel instruction.

Once we have selected our vehicle we go to great lengths, far beyond what any other driving school will do, to make it the safest vehicle for learning. Our cars are superior to all other driving school cars. We have added our own NJ Finest Drivers custom design dual-control system. Our design has a dual brake pedal for vehicle control. This unique system guarantees the instructor can take full control of the car if necessary. All cars also have a dual mirror installed to give the instructors a view of behind the car so they can assist the student with lane changes and merging techniques. Our entire fleet is also equipped with cellular phones and Blue Tooth technology so that our office is able to communicate with both instructor and student. This also enables the instructor to notify you if a lesson is running late so you will not be panicked if your child is not home on time.

Aside from the additions that we make to the cars the Prius has outstanding safety features of its own. The Prius has seven air bags: an advanced airbag system for the driver and front-passenger, front and rear side curtain airbags; front seat-mounted side airbags for the driver and front passenger; and a driver's-knee airbag. All of our cars are dealer maintained from the day they are purchased to the day they are retired. This assures that only quality parts and services are provided, guarantying the absolute safest vehicle for the instructors and the student. These added expenses for us adds up to the best quality available to you.

We also believe that we have a certain social responsibility with our car choice. We accumulate so many hours of driving every year which burns through a lot of fuel. This was a contributing factor in deciding to go with the Toyota Prius. The Prius uses a full series parallel hybrid system. This means it can provide drive power independently from either the gasoline engine or electric motor or from both simultaneously. The result is less dependence on foregin oil.

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